Behind the curtain

Miss Doris et les Girls

This is a beautiful story, that of a little girl from Germany who took dancing lessons without her parents knowledge and who became Miss Doris, the famous choreographer of the Moulin Rouge… At the Haug’s home, in the first half of the century, troubled by war, artists were not very well considered. However, Doris dreamed of one thing : dancing. She is self-willed and continues her studies, writing for newspapers to pay for her dancing lessons. Between the Karlshsruhe Opera and the Conservatory, she passes her Teacher of Dance diploma. Then… Paris. She knows that she is an average ballet dancer and still admits it today. She is attracted by cabarets. She passes her first audition at the Moulin Rouge in 1952 : her knee-muscles and elbows can no longer withstand to the frantic rhythm required by French Cancan. Never mind : La Nouvelle Eve, the most famous cabaret in Paris at that time let her in as a Dance Captain, and she creates her first troupe, the famous Doriss Girls – who still make triumphant tours worldwide today. By the lates 1950s, the Moulin Rouge quickly recognizes in Miss Doris the choreographer required to regain prestige, be it for the shows, which became obsolete, or for the cabaret itself. Success was immediate ! The show Cancan that she launched in 1961 was a complete triumph, and marked definitively the rebirth of the most prestigious cabaret in the world. Since then, Miss Doriss has directed every show of the Moulin Rouge with her know-how. Nothing can stop her : she has directed unforgettable shows at the Moulin Rouge and on other well-known stages worldwide (the Palladium in London, the Festhalle in Vienna, the Nichigeki Theater in Tokyo…), and created fantastic dance routines with the Doriss Girls, (trained with a master’s hand) and with other celebrities including whom Maurice Chevalier, Charles Aznavour, Régine… Which brings us to the latest revue of the Moulin Rouge, witch Miss Doris and her team are preparing, and which will be even more fantastic than the previous ones. And we can trust her to achieve that result ! Like the ‘Man with the boater’ could have said in French… Hats off to Miss Doris !