The dining

Every evening, the Moulin Rouge kitchens are filled with effervescence! Head backstage to hear a grand orchestra punctuated by the clattering of pans, the sizzling of preparations and the sounds of plates rattling, ready to be set.

Accompanied by a brigade of 25 staff, our Chef Arnaud Dermerville showcases his talent for awakening the tastebuds of the 350 guests who are served dinner in the emblematic Moulin Rouge hall every evening.

The menu at the Moulin Rouge is revamped throughout the seasons to constantly offer the very best of French cuisine: fresh, authentic products created with passion. An unforgettable gastronomical journey!

Take a seat and discover these unprecedented culinary creations over dinner accompanied by a live orchestra, followed by the spectacular “Féerie” Revue show.

Prepare to be amazed!

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