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Starting life as a popular cabaret, the Moulin Rouge became an iconic music-hall in the Roaring Twenties and has been a venue for many famous French and international artists. Since 1889, the Moulin Rouge has been perpetuating the authentic spirit of Parisian entertainment in a festive spirit with audiences of all generations and cultures from around the world.

Today, the Moulin Rouge is a symphony of stages, places, artists and skills. Simultaneously a nightclub, cocktail bar, costume-maker, feathermaker, bootmaker, and purveyor of many other trades from the world of shows and celebration — and yet, above all, forever under the windmill of the Moulin Rouge, it is the home of the incredible Revue show: Féerie!

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Are you a professional dancer and want to join a spectacular adventure as part of the Moulin Rouge dance company? It could be that you belong with us!

Willy Weldens - ®Fred Serex


Are you an emerging or an established artist? It could be that you belong on the iconic stage of the Moulin Rouge!



Would you like to help bring the magic of the Féérie revue to life? Join the Moulin Rouge dressers who ensure that the show runs smoothly!


photographer , CREDIT : Sandie Bertrand


Would you like to help make the Féérie revue even better? Join the technical teams who ensure that the show runs smoothly!



Are you looking to develop in an environment of excellence? Join our team and help us offer an unforgettable welcome to our customers!




Are you interested in passing on your passion for cooking? Join the kitchen of the Moulin Rouge which offers exceptional dinners to our customers! 



Are you a feathermaker, bootmaker or embroiderer? Join one of our Maison d’Art and help bring the magic to life on the Moulin Rouge stage!

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Are you looking to contribute to the spirit of the Parisian party and show? Join a team that feeds off each other’s ideas and take part in an unforgettable adventure!



Are you looking for an empowering and differentiating experience? Join the young talents of the Moulin Rouge!


The UES MOULIN ROUGE SPECTACLE publishes its Gender Equality Index which is the result of 4 indicators made mandatory within the framework of the Law for the Freedom to Choose one’s Professional Future of September 5, 2018. For 2022, the UES MOULIN ROUGE SPECTACLE scored 84/100.

IndicateurPoints obtenus
1- Ecart de rémunération (en %)7.31
2- Ecarts d’augmentations individuelles (en point de %)35
4- Pourcentage de salariés augmentés au retour d’un congé maternité (%)0
5- Nombre de salariés du sexe sous représenté parmi les 10 plus hautes rémunérations3
Index (sur 100 points)84