the kitchen brigade

Every evening at 7pm marks the majestic opening of the Moulin Rouge doors, welcoming customers who have come to enjoy a Parisian night out full of surprises.

Maître d’s, head waiters and commis chefs are hard at work in the hall, where the décor reflects all of the eras that this cabaret has witnessed. Selected for their talents, these 120 professionals come from the very best catering schools to form the largest kitchen brigade in France. They work in harmony so that guests can experience timeless and exceptional moments.

Created by our Chef, the dishes are then served one after the other in an elegant dance routine, punctuated by the tinkling of plates and glasses as well as by the “pop” of champagne bottles opening one by one. Dessert marks the end of this feast for the tastebuds in the Palace of dance.

Then it’s lights off and time for the show to start!

Ligne dégradé
La brigade du Moulin Rouge
La Brigade Moulin Rouge