the embroiderer

Weave your way to the Atelier Valentin and enter the dazzling world of our passionate embroiderers, who embellish the most beautiful show costumes with beads, rhinestones and sequins. Glitter, gemstones and golden threads collide…
Our dancers shine with a thousand sparkles!

A made-to-measure art, embroidery allows the costumes to be as unique and refined as the dancers in the Féerie Revue show. Work involving a meticulous level of detail, without which there would be none of the magic unfolding on stage every evening!

Founded in 2003 by Caroline Valentin and incorporated into the Moulin Rouge from 2017 onwards, the Atelier Valentin uses ancient techniques that play a key role in preserving artisanal French know-how.

Ligne dégradé

Atelier Valentin

18 rue Notre Dame de Lorette, 75009 Paris

+33 (0)1 49 70 00 49

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