The costume designer

At the heart of the Moulin Rouge Creative Atelier, you can hear the sewing machines singing among the poplins and bobbins of coloured threads… It is only thanks to the honed eye of Mine Verges, costume designer for the whole of Paris since the 1960s, that exceptional pieces are designed and then created behind the scenes of the Moulin Rouge.

Inspired by a sketch, the costume designers assemble fabrics, sequins and rhinestones by hand, applying both rigour and precision.
Creations that adorn the artists of the Féerie Revue show every evening, requiring the production of over 1,000 made-to-measure outfits and accessories.

The costumes come to life on stage, perfectly moulding to the bodies of the dancers who move gracefully and delicately beneath the spotlights.
The audience is left captivated, hearts all a-flutter and eyes wide in awe.

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