Enter the dazzling world of the Moulin Rouge and discover the exceptional know-how of our entertainment artisans!

From the rigour of the ballet to the delicacy of our cuisine, along with the painstaking detail that goes into every single costume produced in our Maisons d’Art, the artisans behind the scenes at the Moulin Rouge work tirelessly every day to preserve and breathe new life into French creativity.


As the clock strikes 7pm, behind the illuminated façade of the Moulin Rouge, backstage is a flurry of activity. Whispers, warm-up sessions and a rustle of feathers can only mean one thing: the artists are getting ready for the celebrations to begin.

All of the Moulin Rouge dancers have undergone training in classical dance, jazz and hip-hop to incorporate and reflect the simultaneously unique and authentic style of the Moulin Rouge. After three weeks of intensive rehearsals, their discipline, diligence and hard work come to life as soon as they take to the


At the heart of the Moulin Rouge creative studios, you can hear the sewing machines singing among the poplins and bobbins of coloured threads… Every Revue show gives our 10 dedicated couturiers the opportunity to create new costumes out of innovative materials, adorned with pearls and sparkling sequins so that the artists can shine in all their splendour on the Moulin Rouge stage.

The Atelier de Création works in harmony with the rest of the Moulin Rouge creative studios to ensure that the artists’ costumes are of a unique quality and unparalleled comfort.


On the top floor of a Parisian building at the foot of Montmartre Hill, push open the door to discover the enchanting universe of Maison Février. There you will find a loft space bathed in natural light, with a treasure trove of feathers nestled within its numerous pieces of wooden furniture. Feathers that come alive under the expert hands of the feathermakers. These dexterous artisans meticulously put together the sumptuous feather creations that have adorned the lavish costumes worn by the Moulin Rouge dancers since 1957.

A unique know-how combining elegance, finesse and stamina!


In the heart of the capital’s 9th arrondissement, push open the door to this Parisian studio where embroiderers’ deft little hands are embellishing the most dazzling show costumes with rhinestones, pearls and sequins. An atelier where embroidery becomes made-to-measure art; where reels of thread collide and various techniques – ranging from Luneville embroidery to needlework embroidery – intertwine, preserving traditional French craftsmanship as they do so.

Atelier Valentin handcrafts beautiful creations, embellishing the artists’ costumes so that the magic can happen from the moment the stage lights come up. Embroidery lends elegance, refinement and finesse to the costumes… a true sense of craftsmanship!


Established in 1945 on rue Pierre Fontaine in Paris, Maison Clairvoy has specialised in the performing arts since 1955. This artistic studio creates made-to-measure shoes to dress the feet of a wide range of artists – from circus performers to actors, as well as theatre artists and even Parisian cabaret performers. The master bootmakers here are hard at work, day in, day out, crafting our dancers’ shoes by hand, and ensuring that they are durable, comfortable and of an exceptional quality. 

The speciality of Maison Clairvoy? The Moulin Rouge French Cancan boot! This specific and iconic shoe calls for a special kind of know-how to protect the artists and allow them to perform all the moves of this energetic dance unimpeded. 


Every evening, there is a buzz of excitement: you can hear the kitchen brigade in full swing and the sound of plates rattling before being placed on the tables right before the Chef ensures the presentation is well-balanced. A happy hubbub that carries through to the dining room where the sound of popping champagne corks mixes with the clinking of glasses!

The menu at the Moulin Rouge is revamped throughout the seasons to constantly offer the very best of French cuisine: authentic regional produce and seasonal vegetables selected with care from only the very best suppliers.


7pm marks the majestic opening of the Moulin Rouge doors. A whole host of professionals – maître d’s, head waiters and commis chefs from the very best catering schools – take up their places to ensure that the guest services run smoothly. A special atmosphere prevails in the 850-seat hall, where the décor reflects all of the eras that this famous cabaret has witnessed. See you on stage in this timeless venue!

A brigade of 120 professionals from the very best in catering schools work in harmony so that you can enjoy an unforgettable evening.