the venue

From a retro guinguette style to an array of glittering rhinestones, the Moulin Rouge invites you to experience an unforgettable evening! An exceptional moment awaits you in its multifaceted 850-seat hall, where you can enjoy both a traditional French gourmet meal and discover the amazing “Féerie” Revue show!
A constellation of hundreds of small red glowing table lamps immerses you in the warm and cosy atmosphere that is so typical of the Moulin Rouge.

Enter the dazzling universe of the Moulin Rouge, where all your senses come alive!

Main room: 1000 m²
Salon Toulouse-Lautrec: 55 m²

850 people

Disabled access
Sound and light control, staff and décor available.

Ligne dégradé
Salle de spectacle Moulin rouge
Balcon impérial corbeilles Moulin Rouge
Salle de spectacle Moulin Rouge