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If you think that finding the shoe to fit your foot is not always easy, you should know that at the Moulin Rouge, boots and T-straps sandals are customized and crafted by hand to ensure the artists the ultimate in comfort. Here we go, cavorting to a boisterous French Cancan!

Shoes are a valuable member of stage costumes. Maison Clairvoy is commissioned by the Moulin Rouge for creating 800 pairs that make up the “Féerie” Revue show. Stamping heels and sequinned boots: between 20 and 60 hours are required to fashion each pair and to guarantee such spectacular performances.

Master bootmaker since 1945, Maison Clairvoy has been part of the Moulin Rouge since 2002. Under the direction of Nicolas Maistriaux, the atelier works with the performing arts world and is particularly dedicated to preserving its unique and authentic traditional craftsmanship.

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