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At the Moulin Rouge, every day is a party! Discover the latest news and events in the spectacular life of this legendary venue, its revue show, its dancers, and much, much more!

Mine Vergès and her Atelier de Création for costume design

In the captivating world of artistic creation, the talented costume designer Mine Vergès stands out as an emblematic figure, melding her passion and experience to bring to life outfits of breathtaking beauty. Come discover the nimble fingers behind this mastery of excellence...
spectacle féerie moulin rouge paris

The dancers of the Moulin Rouge: artists made to amaze you!

The Moulin Rouge is famous for its larger than life shows and for its talented dancers. Discover the daily routine of these exceptional artists.

Behind the scenes of the Moulin Rouge costumes

Moulin Rouge costumes are famous the world over. Come into our workshops and discover the secrets behind the stunning cabaret outfits.

24 hours in the life of a Moulin Rouge artist

Discover a typical day for a Moulin Rouge dancer!

What should you wear to go to the Moulin Rouge?

Are you wondering what to wear for the occasion? Follow our tips for the best way to dress and enjoy the party!