News: French Cancan

At the Moulin Rouge, every day is a party! Discover the latest news and events in the spectacular life of this legendary venue, its revue show, its dancers, and much, much more!

spectacle féerie moulin rouge paris

The dancers of the Moulin Rouge: artists made to amaze you!

The Moulin Rouge is famous for its larger than life shows and for its talented dancers. Discover the daily routine of these exceptional artists.
Grand écart French Can Can

The Moulin Rouge and the emblematic French Cancan music

The Moulin Rouge reveals the secrets of both this exhilarating melody and those of its creator, Jacques Offenbach.

The French Cancan: the story of the Moulin Rouge’s dance

Let’s take a look back at the origins of this fiery quadrille combining balance, flexibility and high kicks.