What should you wear to go to the Moulin Rouge?

22 Février 2022

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Going to a show at the Moulin Rouge is enjoying an unforgettable evening in one of the most famous Parisian cabarets, in the heart of the Montmartre district. Are you wondering what to wear for the occasion? Follow our tips for the best way to dress and enjoy the party!

The parisian cabaret dress code

A suit, business attire or evening dress: are you in need of some inspiration for what to wear on the evening? We’ll give you the lowdown on what is best to wear to a Moulin Rouge show in Paris!

Which items of clothing are not permitted?

Goodbye shorts, Bermuda shorts, flip-flops and sportswear. Leave your trainers at home and slip into your smartest pair of shoes! To fully immerse yourself in the party atmosphere and enjoy the evening like in the golden age of cabarets, it’s important to choose items of clothing that reflect the Moulin Rouge spirit – chic and glamorous partywear. An experience that you will remember for years to come!


What is the ideal outfit?

Ideally a suit, evening dress or general business attire. Go for an outfit that suits your style but is also that little bit out of the ordinary. Because you’re about to experience a truly unique evening from the moment you set foot in the famous Montmartre cabaret. You can leave your coat or bag (2 euros per item) in the cloakroom, located at the entrance of the Moulin Rouge hall, for the duration of the show. It’s easier to let your hair down when you’re not being weighed down!

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Why come to the Moulin Rouge?

The cabaret show

Experiencing a dinner show at the Moulin Rouge, at the foot of the Butte Montmartre, is letting yourself be swept away by the talented artists of the Féerie Revue show – which is not just part of Parisian history, but French history too. Dancers and acrobats take turns to light up the stage for an exhilarating evening. Backstage, it requires an entire team world of talented artisans to make the costumes come alive: a costume designer, shoemaker, feathermaker and embroiderer. Maison Février has had a passion for feathers since 1929, while costume designer Mine Verges exhibits unrivalled creativity in modernising costumes to make them as durable and sumptuous as possible. An essential accessory for dancers, Maison Clairvoy has created shoes for the stars of the Moulin Rouge show ever since 1963. And in terms of embroidery, it’s hats off to Maison Valentin, the undisputed masters in the art of needle embroidery – the oldest technique – as well as crochet and, more recently, the machine. You can’t put a price on ancestral know-how!

The cabaret hall

Booking tickets for a Moulin Rouge show also means fully soaking up the atmosphere of a unique place, inextricably linked with Parisian history. As soon as you enter the hall, you are immediately dazzled by the Belle Epoque interior with its murals and Morris columns. The cabaret venue has retained its beauty and continues to be a Parisian experience in its own right. Every evening, a ballet is performed in the hall by the head waiters and commis chefs, with hundreds of small red table lamps that resemble little fireflies and give this cabaret its very special atmosphere.

The cabaret dinner

By opting for the Moulin Rouge dinner show, you can be sure to have an extraordinary experience in the famous Parisian cabaret. Showcasing the finest in French cuisine, every evening chef Arnaud Demerville prepares a first-class meal, served by a brigade of 120 professionals from the very best catering schools. You can hear the subtle clinking of champagne glasses as guests feast on their meals, before the curtains are raised at 9pm for the start of the Féerie Revue show.

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To enjoy one of Paris’s most extravagant evenings, book your tickets for the Moulin Rouge dinner show now! A lovely gift idea for a birthday or date night with that special someone.

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