Dinner show: celebrations are on the menu at the Moulin Rouge!

septembre 30th 2021

Ligne dégradé

Sharing, quality and the French art de vivre all come together on your plate. Tonight, our Chef has designed sophisticated dishes inspired by new takes on French traditions.

Allow yourself to be carried away by the effervescence of a dinner show at the Moulin Rouge.

During our evening dinner show at the Moulin Rouge cabaret, all your senses come alive to the rhythm of the show. The notes of the maestro’s music surround your ear. The champagne bubbles from your half-bottle, sweet fragrances drift towards your nose. On stage, the effervescent moves of the dancers enchant your eyes. And, on your plate, another symphony plays. At your table, one course follows another, putting a new spin on the timeless dishes of French cuisine. Created with fresh seasonal local products they are carefully prepared in the Moulin Rouge kitchens every evening. Here begins almost 4 delicious and sparkling hours!

The effervescence of bold cuisine: our menus for an unforgettable evening

Following a personal welcome from 7pm, the Moulin Rouge dinner shows offer a whole host of homemade meals to suit all tastes and every festive mood. Throughout the season, the menu changes, but the Chef’s obsession remains the same: offering you dishes worthy of the French art de vivre. Ready? Time to awaken your taste buds!

Toulouse-Lautrec menu: an explosion of flavours

A lover of culinary art as well as painting, Toulouse-Lautrec inspired our Chef to create this sophisticated menu combining traditional ingredients. In Paris, the show takes place on your plate as much as it does on the stage of the Moulin Rouge.

Vegetarian/vegan menu: a passion for great products

You can also experience the Parisian way of celebrating with our vegetarian/vegan menu. Vegetables of the season are dressed up to the nines for the occasion. For dessert, seasonal fruits come together in your mouth in a chorus of sweetness. Savour it: when the culinary show is over, prepare to feast your eyes with the French Cancan.

Mistinguett menu: this is Paris!

With the Mistinguett menu, you can enjoy a gourmet meal as surprising as one of the famous actress and singer’s melodies. The Chef delights in combining culinary styles to offer you an introduction to remember before the cabaret show begins.

Belle Époque menu: exceptional dishes inspired by French cuisine

Carefully selected local products is the star of the Belle Époque menu. The cuisine of yesteryear is reborn before your eyes at the Moulin Rouge.

Children’s menu: a festival of flavours for ages 6 to 11

Come and share the Parisian cabaret enchantment with your children! Before the artists captivate their little eyes, they can rediscover dishes that are a sure bet to please all ages with our children’s menu.

Ligne dégradé

A party on your plate: our special occasion menus

Some nights need to make an impression. And our Chef understands. For Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day, he has designed exceptional menus so your dinner show at the Moulin Rouge in Paris remains etched in your memory.

Christmas evening: magic from starter to dessert

In the enchanting setting of the Moulin Rouge, Christmas is tinged with sparkling colours, lively music and effervescent dancing. Your plate is also bedecked with joyful Christmas spirit, with a festive menu where modern touches meet seasonal traditions.

New Year’s Eve: bubbles, feathers and unmissable flavours

Tick tock! The New Year is approaching, and the Moulin Rouge is going to have a ball offering you a wild and captivating dinner show. Take your seat in the theatre and enjoy the festive dishes created by the Chef. The only thing missing from New Year’s Eve at the Moulin Rouge is you!

Valentine’s Day: celebrate love with joie de vivre

Romance is in the air at the Moulin Rouge as 14 February approaches. A very special evening awaits you on Valentine’s Day. Our Chef creates for the occasion a made-to-measure menu designed with love in mind. Taste buds are tingling already!

For Valentine’s Day, like all year round, surprises, quality and joy are on the menu at the Moulin Rouge for an evening to remember.

Les autres actualités

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Following on from an initial chapter released last autumn, the Moulin Rouge and Lastelier continue their joint creative adventure with a radiant, festive collection that’s just in time for the sunny days ahead!

Pearls & Wonders Collection: when party spirit elevates the elegance of pearls

Traditional, elegant and extravagant: the pearl makes a dazzling entrance at the Moulin Rouge! A flagship trend this year, it is at the heart of the latest collaboration between the Moulin Rouge and On Aura Tout Vu.


On 6th and 7th of April, experience something extraordinary by coming to learn about the Maisons d’Art that bring the Moulin Rouge spirit to life through their creations!

Moulin Rouge by Les Couronnes de Victoire: an ode to love!

2024 is a very special year for the Moulin Rouge, which is preparing to celebrate its 135th birthday! To start this symbolic year in style, the cabaret is partnering with Les Couronnes de Victoire to create a limited-edition capsule collection.

Introducing the Moulin Rouge by Sophie Cano collection: a dazzling ode to elegance and magic

Marking its 134th anniversary in style, the Moulin Rouge has joined forces with Parisian designer Sophie Cano, who unleashes her creative talents in an exclusive collaboration.