Our gift ideas for bringing home a souvenir of Paris

Avril 2021

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© Le Moulin Rouge®
© Le Moulin Rouge®

Would you like to bring home a unique souvenir or give someone an authentic gift that was ‘made in Paris’? Earrings, perfume and scarves – as a 100% Parisian concept store, the Moulin Rouge shop has all the inspiration you need! Our selection of Parisian home decor and fashion accessories means you can both treat yourself and take a little piece of the French capital home with you. For all your shopping needs, pop to our store at 11 Rue Lepic in the 18th arrondissement or visit our website.

1. Home decor

Since time immemorial, posters from the Moulin Rouge have been an emblem of Paris and Parisian life. To add a touch of this spirit to your home with interior decor, the best gift you can treat others (or yourself!) to has to be one of our famous atelier prints. Mistinguett, French Cancan, Claudine…Choubrac’s ‘Au Joyeux Moulin Rouge’ and Lautrec’s ‘La Goulue’ are still the most famous prints.

Price: €28-30
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© Le Moulin Rouge®
© Le Moulin Rouge®

2. Notebooks

Another nice gift idea: a notebook for documenting all your Parisian adventures! Whatever your preference, there’s something to cater for all tastes and styles. A brocaded notebook with the Mistinguett Revue show, an Arlequin magnetic flap notebook – the list goes on. Treat yourself and look back on your trip to Paris once you’ve returned home.

Prix : €5-17.50
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© Colomble Clier
© Colomble Clier

3. Products from the world of champagne

This is one of the most famous wines from France. Champagne is an exceptional product, and one which can be sampled in wine cellars, restaurants… or during a Moulin Rouge Revue show! If you’re looking for gift ideas, discover all our products from the world of champagne in the Moulin Rouge store – from champagne buckets and flutes to ice bags. Perfect as a treat or for celebrating a birthday!

Prix : €12.50
Cancaneuse ice bag
Prix : €39
Box of champagne flutes 



© Colomble Clier
© Jakobsson & Zillén

4. Scarves

Paris is and always will be the fashion capital of the world. The silk square scarf is a must-have item in every Parisian’s wardrobe. In the Moulin Rouge shop you can find a delicate scarf made in a workshop in Italy, with prints inspired by the famous French Cancan dance. To be worn around your neck or wrapped around your hair and paired with pretty pendant earrings for a look that is at the very height of fashion!

Prix : €29-85
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© Jakobsson & Zillén
© Jakobsson & Zillén

5. A perfume

If you could bottle Paris in a scent, then it would definitely be that of perfume 1889 Moulin Rouge®! An ode to free-spirited women and Parisian nights, this fragrance is a beautiful discovery that subtly blends notes of mandarin, cinnamon, plum, absinthe as well as flowers with its hint of Damascus rose. A heady scent, unlike any other in France, making our heart skip a beat and immersing us in the enchanting universe of the Moulin Rouge Revue show. A gift from our very own workshops that is sure to captivate.

Prix :  €38
Perfume 1889 Moulin Rouge®

© Colomble Clier

6. Jewellery

With jewellery one of the must-have gifts when looking to treat someone, why not opt for a beautiful piece from our concept store? Choose from a pair of earrings, a ring or even a necklace, made with crystals from the ateliers of the Swarovski jeweller and inlaid with deep red stones. A lovely idea for a 100% Parisian birthday present that will guarantee the wearer is always on trend.

Prix :  €50 -255
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© Colomble Clier
© Jakobsson & Zillén

7. A tote bag or clutch

Fancy taking the Moulin Rouge with you wherever you go? Discover our range of bags and clutches adorned with very Parisian prints. While the ‘Gambettes’ clutch is a nod to French Cancan dancers, the 3-in-1 clutch is the perfect accessory for evenings out for dinner on the Champs-Élysées and in the Parisian Marais.

Prix : €14-90
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© Jakobsson & Zillén
© Jakobsson & Zillén

8. Books

If you want to know all there is to know on the history of the Moulin Rouge, head to our bookshelves to pick up your very own copy of Christophe Mirambeau’s work. And why not be tempted by a cute colouring book for the children while you’re there? An activity to do at home that is bound to keep them entertained!

© Colomble Clier
© Colomble Clier

Celebration earrings and other jewellery, a box of champagne flutes, a scarf or decor for your home – make the most of your trip to Paris by bringing home a typically Parisian souvenir that you can treasure forever, or pick up a unique gift! And there’s no need to scour all the shops in Paris to find quirky objects and snap up everything on your shopping list. You’re sure to find something wonderful by visiting our shop and concept store in the 18th arrondissement or by checking out our online shop.

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