An enchanting weekend out in Paris with the Moulin Rouge

september 30th 2021

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This weekend, get ready to live to the beat of frenzied dancing, champagne bubbles and an enchanting district. The Moulin Rouge invites you to an unforgettable night out in Paris. But before celebrating the City of Lights at the Bar à Bulles, the Cabaret and La Machine du Moulin Rouge, start by delving into the secrets of Montmartre Hill.

Visit Montmartre Hill by the light of the Moulin Rouge

You will be blown away by the joie de vivre of the Montmartre district from the moment you climb the final steps leading to the Sacré-Cœur Basilica. From there, the zinc rooftops of Paris spread out endlessly. In the distance, the Eiffel Tower pierces the horizon, as captivating now, over a century since it was built, as it ever was. The building was opened in 1889. On the cusp of the Belle Époque, the whole of Paris was buzzing with a rare excitement. In that same year of 1889, the face of Montmartre Hill was also changing, with the Moulin Rouge opening to great fanfare.

Before this period of celebration and artistic revival, the district was completely different. Today, you can go down rue du Chevalier-de-la-Barre and rue Cortot to find out all about it. A visit to the Montmartre Museum is a must for learning more about the history of the area. After that, continue to the end of rue Cortot and you will see the vineyard of Montmartre, the last vestiges of the district’s wine-making past. Did you know that, until the 18th century, the hill was almost entirely covered with vineyards adjoining the small village of Montmartre?

Your guided tour continues along rue de l’Abreuvoir, with its white and pastel houses lining both sides of a cobbled street. Stop off at place Marcel-Aymé. The surprising sculpture of the Passe-Muraille (walker-through-walls) stands out from the wall, as if to call out to visitors.

Continuing down Montmartre Hill, your next stop is the Jardin Louise-Weber known as La-Goulue. This small park bears the name of a famous dancer of the Belle Époque with an apt nickname (La Goulue — the glutton). On the bill at the Moulin Rouge from the beginning, Louise Weber quickly became a model for many late-19th-century artists, including the painter Toulouse-Lautrec.

Just a few more steps now… take rue Burq, then rue Lepic. A silhouette appears on your right. Welcome to the Moulin Rouge!

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La Maison Rose Montmartre Paris

Enjoy a drink at the Bar à Bulles

That stroll around Montmartre must have given you an appetite. If you want to savour your weekend in Paris, there’s nothing like brunch. The Bar à Bulles at the Moulin Rouge serves sweet and savoury meals on Saturdays and Sundays from 11am to 3pm. Looking for ideas for a night out in Paris? Climb up to the Toit, the rooftop of the Moulin Rouge, which can be accessed from the Bar à Bulles. In this hanging garden, you can watch the last rays of the sun disappear over place Blanche, before the lights of the street lamps and the sails of the Moulin Rouge bring a party atmosphere to the district.

On the menu, the cocktails vie to impress with their creativity. Which will you choose: Mojito Moulin Rouge, Gin Spritz (with or without alcohol) or Vodka Glacée? Don’t worry — you’ll have plenty of time to make your decision. The bar is open until 2am on Saturday and 10pm on Sunday.

Open your eyes wide for a show at the Moulin Rouge Cabaret

There’s still so much to do in Paris: your night out isn’t over yet. The Moulin Rouge Cabaret opens its doors for the Féerie Revue show from 9pm for the dinner show and 11pm for the show only. Lavish sets, glittering costumes, frenzied dancing… the artists make the stage floor vibrate, while stars are born in the eyes of the audience.

Tonight, the Chef has surpassed himself. Discover the intriguing flavours on our menus, served on gourmet plates. With your champagne glass in hand, you know that your night out in Paris this weekend will remain etched in your memory.

Keep your Parisian night going at La Machine du Moulin Rouge

Feel like continuing your weekend in Paris with a trip to La Machine du Moulin Rouge? Over more than 2500 m2 and 4 rooms, lose yourself in the twists and turns of the club as you party all night. Here, the boundaries between musical genres cease to exist. Housed in the cabaret’s old boiler room, the concert hall offers an eclectic line-up, showcasing contemporary artistic creation.

From the deepest depths of Montmartre’s history to the forefront of modern music, the many extraordinary activities on offer for your outing in Paris will continually surprise you.

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