Where is best to go out for an unforgettable Christmas Eve in Paris ?

30 mars 2022

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Place Vendôme Noël à Paris

Just like every year, are you wondering where to spend this Christmas Eve? Whether you’re with family, friends or your partner, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to magical places and activities for unforgettable festive fun in Paris. Christmas markets, illuminations, decorations and parties – prepare to be dazzled on this very special evening… and, who knows, you might even bump into Father Christmas.

1. Wander around a Christmas market

Are you on holiday in Paris over the festive season and keen to experience the best possible Christmas Eve in the heart of the capital? With a wide range of Christmas markets, incredible dinners and shows, find out where to go out to ensure your evening is a success.

You can’t miss the Christmas markets in Paris over the festive period. From the Tuileries to La Défense via Montmartre, the capital has plenty of small Christmas markets to visit.

Head to your chosen Christmas market and soak up the festive spirit as evening starts to fall. Stroll through the alleyways, all decorated with baubles, stars and wreaths in Christmas colours. Make sure you keep with tradition by treating yourself to a mulled wine and tucking into a warming winter snack. Once it gets dark, the market lights up underneath a myriad of sparkling fairy lights, which blink to the rhythm of traditional Christmas songs.

2. Gush in front of the Christmas window displays at department stores

Christmas Eve in Paris can only mean one thing – illuminations! The city is clothed with its finest garments of light over the festive period. Not only are Paris’s sprawling avenues, squares and monuments specially decorated for the Christmas holidays, but the shop-fronts are too.

All the window displays, from BHV to the Samaritaine, are adorned with beautiful decorations. Wait for night to fall and wander through the city streets on foot until you reach Boulevard Haussmann, where you can admire the decorations at both Galeries Lafayette and Printemps. A real spectacle for children, but also for grown-ups – you won’t be disappointed!

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Marché de Noël
Vitrines Galeries Lafayette Paris

3. Take to the ice of a Parisian skate rink

To experience an unforgettable Christmas Eve in Paris, ice-skating is an absolute must! Not only is taking to the ice a fun activity, it’s also a great way to spend some quality time with the children as a family and enjoy the crisp winter cold. A pair of ice skates and you’re ready to go!

There are many pop-up ice rinks in the capital over the festive period. Just visit the Paris City Council website to find out where they are and their opening times. There are even some permanent ice rinks, such as the one at Bercy’s Accor Arena. What could be more utterly charming than ice-skating on Christmas Eve? What’s more is the prices are generally very affordable – expect to pay around 10 euros per person or less.

4. Go to the Moulin Rouge Christmas party

Hoping to keep the amazing party alive a little longer this festive season? You’re invited to the Moulin Rouge’s Christmas party! From 20th December to 2nd January (excluding 31st December), the Parisian cabaret is pulling out all the stops and putting on a magical show for you.

On the menu this evening is a gourmet dinner to the rhythm of music from the Moulin Rouge orchestra. To celebrate the event in style, all guests can sip on a half-bottle of superior champagne or exceptional wine from our selected drinks list, which also includes other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. After a meal bursting with flavour, it’s time for the ‘Féerie Revue show’. On stage, dancers illuminate the cabaret with their exquisite costumes in an enchanting setting. Immerse yourself in this dazzling universe to celebrate Christmas Eve!

So, are you ready to take the plunge? Book your tickets for an evening at the Moulin Rouge now.

At this time of year you can also keep the festive party going by heading to our club, La Machine du Moulin Rouge, afterwards.

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There you go – you now have all the key ingredients for an unforgettable Christmas Eve in Paris. Christmas market, ice-skating, then a dinner and show in the emblematic hall of the Moulin Rouge – you won’t be forgetting about this incredible festive season any time soon!

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