Line Renaud




This woman with the piercing blue eyes came from a small town in the north of France. She began her career singing the compositions of Loulou Gasté. She also fell in love with him, although he was 20 years her senior. They married in 1950, and she would never stop loving him for the rest of her life, even after his death in 1995.

In 1954, she was billed at the Moulin Rouge for 4 months, entirely sold out!

One evening, the great American comic, Bob Hope, who was in the audience, was captivated by her talent and proposed that she become his partner in the US.
Line Renaud appeared in theatres in France and internationally (New-York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, etc.) where she was by turns a singer, dancer, MC, comedienne and TV presenter. She wholeheartedly embraced a career which she pursues to this day with talent and dedication.