The Bar à Bulles open-air Cinema is back!

30 mars 2022

Ligne dégradé

The Bar à Bulles, located just a stone’s throw from the Moulin Rouge, is getting ready to launch its 4th edition of the “Cinema on the Roof & So Film” festival. Kicking off in July, the rooftop of La Machine will transform into a real-life open-air cinema, with deckchairs, headsets, film showings and cocktails — a total treat for film fans!

The Bar à Bulles — a multi-faceted, artistic venue

Walk the length of the Moulin Rouge and La Machine du Moulin Rouge and veer off up a romantic side street, away from prying eyes and the effervescence of Paris…and you’ll find yourself at the Bar à Bulles! Discreet and secret, this place has many a surprise in store. With a verdant terrace, adorned with flowers and bathed in light, creating a cosy, rooftop atmosphere at the foot of the Moulin Rouge, it offers a bespoke menu and a wide array of cocktails – you won’t be disappointed!

The Bar à Bulles is an incredible setting in which to enjoy a drink on the terrace or a weekend brunch, with menus that change with the seasons. But it doesn’t end there — this fantastic place also hosts a wide range of ateliers, workshops, book launches, concept evenings and festivals and, of course, film showings, such as the celebrated “Cinema on the Roof & So Film” event.

A cinema on the roof of the Moulin Rouge!

But what is “Cinema on the Roof & So Film”? It is a film festival, born from the collaboration between the Bar à Bulles and famous magazine SoFilm. This year, it is back for a 4th edition, much to the delight of our film buffs.

Every Wednesday between 6th July and 7th September, the roof will transform into a genuine open-air cinema with deckchairs and headsets provided. Showings of quirky films, delicious cocktails and a stunning view of the Moulin Rouge, provide all the ingredients for a unique evening to be enjoyed with friends, family or as a couple.

Showings are free but places are limited, so don’t hang around! Book your place every Thursday before the showing via the La Machine du Moulin Rouge website. Ready for a movie night you won’t forget?

Films hand-picked by “Cinema on the Roof & So Film”

New edition, new theme! This year, “Cinema on the Roof & So Film” takes you to a reality-bending, whirlwind summer in the form of a Machine Mirage full of hallucinations, manipulations, love, dreams and nightmares.

10 films have been specially selected for you, with a 50/50 split between equally talented female and male directors. Each of the artists approach this year’s theme in their own way, giving the audience a 360° view of plots doused in summer sun.

The first showing aired on Wednesday 6th July with the film Las Vegas Parano by Terry Gillian, an American roadtrip movie that is both funny and horrifying, following the adventures of Raoul Duke and his lawyer on their way to Las Vegas. When reality sweeps your dreams away, what is left?

Missed the first showing? No problem! The festival team has concocted a jam-packed, innovative programme including The Love Witch by Anna Biller and The Man From Earth by Richard Schenkman, A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night by Ana Lily Amirpour, Coherence by James Ward Byrkit as well as Paris is Voguing by Gabrielle Culand. Dive in and discover, or even rediscover, some cinematic gems.

See you under the stars?

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