All our ideas for a Valentine’s Day evening in Paris with the Moulin Rouge

octobre 2023

Ligne dégradé
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Are you looking for an original and romantic way to spend your Valentine’s Day evening in Paris? Don’t delay in discovering the Moulin Rouge’s suggestions for a special and unforgettable evening.

A Valentine’s Day evening at the Moulin Rouge

Paris is the undisputed capital of love and romance, so where better to celebrate Valentine’s Day than the City of Lights itself? You could go for stroll with your loved one, a candlelit dinner in a fine dining restaurant or perhaps a romantic river cruise – there are so many ways to make this day special. Follow the Moulin Rouge’s advice for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day evening in Paris.

How to spend Valentine’s Day in Paris

A morning bicycle ride along the banks of the Seine

You could start your Valentine’s Day with a morning bicycle ride along the banks of the Seine. It’s fairly quiet there in the morning, making it the ideal place for an outing with your loved one.

You’ll get a panoramic view of Paris’s most iconic landmarks, including the Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower,

as well as the chance to discover the beautiful old bridges that cross the river Seine and connect the two banks of the capital.

While you’re there, you could go for a romantic ride around Île de la Cité via Pont Neuf. If you fancy a longer excursion, head to Île Saint-Louis by crossing Pont de Sully and Pont Marie. Last but not least, take a trip to Pont des Arts – it’s one of the most romantic spots in the whole of Paris. A long-standing tradition has been for couples from all over the world to attach padlocks to this bridge as a symbol of their everlasting love.

balade le long de la seine paris
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An afternoon boat cruise in the heart of Paris

After your morning bicycle ride along the banks of the Seine, you could extend your day out with a romantic boat cruise on the river.

Some cruise boats have open-air upper decks, allowing you to enjoy a panoramic view of Paris which includes the world-famous Eiffel Tower.

Make your cruise extra special by enjoying a romantic lunch together in one of the Marina de Paris boat restaurants.

Late afternoon is the perfect time for a celebratory drink with your partner, so why not toast with a glass of champagne on a Pont Neuf boat?

Next up, gaze in awe at the twinkling lights of Paris’s night sky during a dinner cruise on board one of the floating restaurants run by Paris Dîner Croisières.

Make sure to book a table beforehand because boat trips in Paris are very popular, particularly on Valentine’s Day.



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A café in Montmartre amid an artistic and leafy setting

Valentine’s Day is for spending quality time with that special someone, so why not go for a coffee or glass of champagne to mark the occasion? Choose an original and intimate spot where you can celebrate your love for each other. Some Parisian cafés organise themed Valentine’s Day evenings.

For a successful evening guaranteed, make a beeline for Bar à Bulles. Nestled at the foot of the Moulin Rouge, this bar offers guests a warm welcome with its cosy and colourful atmosphere. You can enjoy drinks on its beautiful leafy terrace, a real peaceful haven in the heart of Montmartre. While you’re in the area, you could also visit the many art exhibitions on offer and celebrate art in all its forms.



© Le Bar à Bulles®
© Le Bar à Bulles®

A dinner-show in a Parisian cabaret

To round off the day in style, book your Valentine’s Day evening at the Moulin Rouge. Every year, the famous Parisian cabaret organises a dinner-show as an ode to love. It’s the perfect opportunity to experience a romantic and unforgettable evening in Paris with your loved one.

The Moulin Rouge’s glamorous décor bathes the auditorium in an elegant and retro atmosphere, adding a special touch to your Valentine’s Day evening. Before the show, you’ll enjoy a delicious gourmet dinner to music, with a menu created by the chef of the Moulin Rouge restaurant.

Then it’s time to watch the spectacular Féerie Revue show, filled with sequins and rhinestones. Each couple in attendance will also receive a free gift and glass of champagne.

Make sure to book your tickets well in advance, as places for the Moulin Rouge shows are usually in very high demand, especially on Valentine’s Day evening.


© D. Duguet
© Le Moulin Rouge®

What’s the perfect gift to give your other half on Valentine’s Day?

To make your Valentine’s Day evening in Paris even more special, you could also exchange gifts with your partner. Many couples actually choose to give each other their presents during the show. The Moulin Rouge store is full of gifts that are sure to be a big hit with your other half.

Saint Valentine’s Day: our gift ideas for men

For the special man in your life, you could opt for an elegant silk bow tie or cufflinks featuring the cabaret’s can-can dancers. Or if your partner is a fan of interior design, you could get him a Moulin Rouge poster. These gifts will leave him with a lasting memory of your Valentine’s Day evening in Paris.



© Colombe Clier
© Colombe Clier

Saint Valentine’s Day: our gift ideas for women

For the special lady in your life, you can’t go wrong with a jewellery set or some perfume. Or if you’d like something more original, get her a pair of trainers in the Moulin Rouge colours. Originality and success guaranteed!



© Colomble Clier
© Colombe Clier


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