David Le Quellec

Appointed Executive Chef of the Moulin Rouge to manage its kitchen.

Since March 31st, 2015, David Le Quellec has settled down Place Blanche to manage the kitchen of the Moulin Rouge, in line with the standards and quality required by the very famous Parisian cabaret.


Born in Le Mans, David Le Quellec has shown a passion for cooking since the age of 5. He graduated first in his class before starting a long career behind the stoves. Private cook of a five-star general during his military service, the Chef moves up the career ladder quickly. After working for numerous Michelin starred restaurants such as Ledoyen, Taillevent or Le Cinq of Hotel George V, he goes abroad to perfect his skills in the Reform restaurant in Manchester UK. Then, he becomes Executive Chef of the Concorde Opera Hotel in Paris.
David Le Quellec’s career has been made up of wonderful encounters such as the Chef Philippe Legendre, a Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Best Worker in France) with 3 Michelin stars, and the Chef Philippe Jourdin with whom he worked at the Four Seasons Terre Blanche during 8 years. Both Chefs enabled him to develop his own style and brought him a sense of creativity, the quest for the perfect movement and a taste for searching exceptional products.
As an Executive Chef, David Le Quellec will use all his talents to tease the taste buds of the public of the Moulin Rouge.
To meet this new challenge, the Chef is assisted by Alexis Mathey and a team of 25 people to elaborate the menus for the clients.
A waiting staff brigade of 120 people will work with him every evening to serve 600 meals in the mythical venue of the Moulin Rouge.
For the Moulin Rouge and its “Féerie” show, the arrival of David Le Quellec symbolizes a perfect alliance of the elegance of a breathtaking show with a fine cuisine specially created for the 600.000 spectators who come every year from all over the world for 2 hours of total dazzling and unforgettable happiness.
“With David Le Quellec, our goal is to offer a haute cuisine that expresses and continues the image of the sophisticated and Parisian nightlife which has been so characteristic of the Moulin Rouge for more than 125 years” declares his President, Jean-Jacques Clerico.
“For me, the Moulin Rouge represents the combination of tradition and modernity for a live show. It matches perfectly the spirit of my cooking, both innovative and traditional, with a modern twist” complete the new Chef David Le Quellec.