Behind the Curtain

A section of the curtain opens. Welcome to the other side of the set – backstage at the Moulin Rouge!

With its secrets and labyrinthine corridors, the backstage area harbours a thousand and one treasures that you will discover on these pages.
Meet the expert artisans who will unveil part of the recipe for excellence which has made the reputation of this establishment throughout the world.
Numerous talents discretely enter into play in this timeless enclave which knows neither night nor day nor the passage of time. These are passionate artists whose efforts are dedicated to a common goal: absolute perfection.

A private domain of the Moulin Rouge is unviled. Share the well-guarded secret of the sumptuous pageantry of our dancers, the legendary Miss Doris and her Girls; meet our musical chef; take a short tour of our collection of feathers and tiptoe in to listen to the secrets of our master bootmakers…