Feather maker

At Maison Février, feathers are a family business since 1929. And not just any feathers!
In a spacious workshop bathed in natural light located in Montmartre; if you push the door, you will discover the wonderful Maison Février’s world. The walls are covered with ostrich, pheasant and cock feathers in a dazzling luxury of colors and materials. At the workshop, they receive untreated feathers from every corner of the world. They brush, wash and boil them, and then beat and dye them. The Maison Février feather makers are very demanding, so they refuse to let out of their workshop any feather that is not tested for resisting light and heating-proof standards. Was Mistinguett herself not the first person to wear feathered hats designed by Mrs. Février? A few years ago, Josephine Baker, Line Renaud and Zizi Jeanmaire, did they not climb those stairs at the former workshop located rue du Mail, to become even more impregnated with their magnificent costumes?
If you listen carefully to the feather-maker’s words, amongst their boas and feathered hats, you can be sure that not everyone can become a feather maker.
The Moulin Rouge, along with other Parisian cabarets, Las Vegas cabarets, operas, theaters, fashion designers and even regular normal clients… all have complete trust in Maison Février’s imagination and know-how. And so they should!

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