Costume designer

Workshop Mine Verges
There is no cabaret in the world willing to work one single day without the talented costume maker, Mine Verges. At the Moulin Rouge, each new show needs new costumes, new materials and sparkling jewels that only Mine’s creativity can generate. From the moment she is presented with a costume sketch (not such a long time ago, they were no more than some lines drawn on paper, in pencil and with no color specification!), she knows by instinct which fabrics and materials, synthetic or natural, to choose so that they enhance the choreography of the show. Mine cares that the costumes are appropriate to the scenography and to the dancers who will have to move about with grace and lightness under the footlights… a heavy responsibility, to say the least! The dressers are busy in the wings, between scenes that must go on… quickly, so the costumes must be easy to wear and handle in addition to being gorgeous. In the wings of the Moulin Rouge, an army of seamstresses and dressers must be ready at every scene change to help dancers to undress and dress again in less than no time. Paying attention to fasteners and pearls! Sewing quickly between two scenes, having the costumes cleaned, checking them again and again… Because the show must stay fantastic everyday !