Personal data policy

The personal data policy put in place by Bal du Moulin Rouge is accessible from each page on the site, referred to hereafter as the "Website", by clinking on the "Données personnelles" (personal data) link.

General information

Bal du Moulin Rouge protects the privacy of surfers by complying with the operative legislation and has therefore declared the collection and processing of your personal data to the French data protection board (declaration number 1473481).
The present document details how Bal du Moulin Rouge uses your personal data and informs you about the measures taken by Bal du Moulin Rouge to protect your personal data in the context of using the Website in accordance with the French Data Protection Act of 6th January 1978 (as amended on 6th August 2004), referred to hereafter as the "Data Protection Act".

Data collection

Bal du Moulin Rouge may collect your personal data notably when you place an order.
The term "personal data" refers to information about you as a physical person that you communicate voluntarily by completing a form presented on the Website or that Bal du Moulin Rouge collects while you are browsing and that, irrespective of the nature thereof, makes it possible to identify you, directly or not (you simply need be identifiable), so they include data like your name and address that you send, plus electronic identification data available on or from your computer (such as cookies and IP addresses).
We inform you that the electronic data identifying your connection terminal or the Website pages that you visit are generally insufficient on their own to identify you personally.
Bal du Moulin Rouge collects your personal data when you place an order.
By voluntarily providing your personal data, you undertake to communicate accurate information that does not prejudice the interests or rights of any third parties.


Use of data

The information that you communicate on the Website enables Bal du Moulin Rouge to:
- validate and manage orders,
- send you, subject to your agreement, advertising and commercial canvassing messages.

The items of information that Bal du Moulin Rouge needs to perform the tasks listed above are indicated by an asterisk on the Website pages. The other information is optional and helps us get to know you better and to improve our communications and services for you.

Data sharing and disclosure

The data collected are intended solely for Bal du Moulin Rouge, which passes on your personal data to third parties only if:
- you have agreed in advance to the sharing of the information (e.g. for a special promotional event),
- we receive a request from a judicial or other official authority empowered by law for disclosure of the information in accordance with the operative legislative provisions.

Data retention

Your personal data are retained for the period needed to process your order plus one year counting from your last order on the Website.
Your electronic identification data and cookies are kept for a period of one year from the time when they are collected.


Right of access, amendment, rectification and deletion

You have a general right to access, amend, correct and delete your data, which you can exercise directly by writing to Bal du Moulin Rouge, 82 boulevard de Clichy, 75018 Paris (second-class postage refunded on request) or by e-mailing , including all details needed to identify you (full name, postal and e-mail addresses and, if possible, your customer reference) so that your request can be processed more speedily.



Bal du Moulin Rouge may put a cookie on your computer. A cookie cannot identify you and generally records information about the pages visited by your computer on the Website (which pages, when they were visited, etc), which Bal du Moulin Rouge will be able to read during your subsequent visits. In the present case, it contains the data that you have just given Bal du Moulin Rouge when placing your order, so you don't have to complete our form again when you next visit. This information is kept on your computer for one hour.

Bal du Moulin Rouge informs you that you are able to block the recording of cookies by configuring your browser as follows:

For Mozilla Firefox: Click on "Tools", "Options", "Privacy" and "Cookie" and select the options of your choice.
For Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and subsequent versions: Click on "Tools", "Internet Options" and "Confidentiality" and select the level that you require using the cursor.
For Microsoft Internet Explorer 5: Click on "Tools", "Internet Options", "Security", "Internet" and "CustomLevel", find the "cookies" section and select the option that suits you.
For Opera 6.0 and subsequent versions: Click on "File", "Preferences" and "Privacy".
For Safari: Choose "Preferences" and "Security" in the Safari menu.


Security measures

Bal du Moulin Rouge makes every effort to protect your personal data against damage, loss, misuse, intrusion, disclosure, alteration and destruction and has equipped its computer systems with a software protection device.
The data collected on the Website are backed up physically and electronically in accordance with the operative French legislation on personal data protection, while all Bal du Moulin Rouge employees that have access to your personal data in the course of their professional duties make an undertaking to treat them with the utmost confidentiality.
However, Bal du Moulin Rouge has no control over Internet operating risks and draws your attention to the risks of one-off data losses and breaches of the confidentiality of data carried on the Net. The information provided on the Website may be interrupted due to cases of force majeure or events outside the control of Bal du Moulin Rouge or for which it cannot be held responsible.


Updating the personal data policy

Bal du Moulin Rouge may amend its personal data policy, in which case the amendments will be notified visibly on the Website if it wishes to use your personal data in any way that differs from the stipulations of the policy in force when your data were collected.



If you have any questions about Bal du Moulin Rouge's personal data policy or how it collects and uses your data, you can e-mail or write to Bal du Moulin Rouge, 82 boulevard de Clichy, 75018 Paris (second-class postage refunded on request).


We hope that you enjoy visiting our Website.